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The Zen Within Community

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LiveJournal's Zen Community
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Devoted to the Practice of Zen (and Ch'an) Buddhism
At the sound of the bell
in the silent night,
I wake from my dream
in this dreamworld of ours.
Gazing at the reflection
of the moon in a clear pool,
I see, beyond my form,
my real form.
          - Kojisei

   Welcome to LiveJournal's Zen community. This group is dedicated to those exploring spirituality through Zen practice, as well as those interested in or curious about practicing Zen. Feel free to [join] and share your experiences or questions!

Posting Guidelines:

   Please adhere to the following guidelines when posting to zen_within and when commenting on posts herein.
  • Follow all LiveJournal policies and rules.
  • Be respectful and courteous at all times.
  • If posting a lot of text or a large picture please make use of the lj-cut, out of respect to the other members
  • Keep posts directly related either to your personal experience with Zen, questions you may have about Zen, or events which have impacted your personal Zen experience.
  • Please avoid posting quotes or stories without relating them to your personal experience. The point of this is not to be restrictive, but rather to encourage and foster a community of progress instead of stagnation and distraction.

   Thank you for your interest and participation in zen_within! You, our members and your experiences, are our strength.

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