Following is a new series, serial, storyline, a lifelong practice intertwined with the work. Beginning where Field Of Weeds left off, itself a realization of what The Zen Revolution uncovered: The archetype of the field of weeds.

I first encountered this in nature. I've always been attracted to abandoned fields, where the natural forces won against someone’s idea. No more clean lines and monotonous order, instead a swirling chaos of weeds and flowers, so beautifully arranged. A stand of trees, all the intersecting branches and scattered light moving in the wind -- there’s some meaning beyond the simple fact that it exists. It conveys something of the place from which it came.

It became alive in me. I first noticed when I had to do the morning bell chant at Musangsa, solo. I’m not a vocalist. I don’t have any natural ability with the voice. I could do it, but not clearly. Out of desperation, I recalled the sunlight through the trees, and I found my voice. It took a few years for me to understand this. My voice became the same as the sunlight through the trees. When I chanted from that place, it conveyed the same information. Then it slowly began to dawn on me that I should live this way.

I've moved from Seoul. For most of the year I'm living and training at Baekdamsa, a large temple-complex in a deep forest of the inner Sorak Valley. It’s where Man Hae (1879-1944) attained enlightenment and wrote the manifesto for the Korean independence movement. Since I’ll be there for the next four years, and largely offline, these blog posts are automated. I’m completely off-line until the end of August.

Self-healing through their own internal resources.


IMHO, the reason for all of our diseases are the tense nervous system. Our body is very tense because of this. Psychosomatics! But if we learn to relax your mind, the body will recover itself. Our body has an innate self-healing mechanism.

IMHO, First, our internal resource will be spent on self-healing of the body.. After the self-healing of the body, our internal resource begins to develop more interesting things.: it will begin to develop the latent subtle function and services of our body. As we have a lot of interesting things! But the unknown and mysterious power can not express themselves because they are in their infancy and the undeveloped state - they do not have the internal resource, that resource until we need it for health. But when we relax and learn to live in a relaxed state, the first internal resource that will heal us, and then begin the development of higher and more complex nervous, mental, and spiritual functions!

At first I did not realize it. What kind of internal resource everyone says? But then I realized ... When we are less often the skin, then first is bleeding, but then the blood ceases to move. When a speck of dust falls to us in the eye, then it follows, along with a tear. And so on ...

I learned how to relax through meditation. I began to study meditation exercises in a complex, systemically. I was 10 years of meditation school Wu Chan Zhong Qigong and the result has made a very good health, never get tired. Within three months of practice I have ceased to swell and hurt his feet, half a year has passed, and varicose veins for 10 years I have never had a headache, but before I had a terrible migraine attacks once a week. I now live, and feel the bliss, I want to fly. I look at 28 years, no one guessed that I was bigger. And actually I have 41!

Several years ago I met a group of people who also wanted to study the practice of qigong. It was very interesting to see how they change! The best part is that qigong is universal. Tablets are selective for each disease need a special tool.

A Qigong heals all diseases.
This is because the cure is, of course, not the qigong. Qigong just leads our internal resources in order to optimize it, allows you to wake up to our own, natural self-healing mechanisms. And there's nothing more powerful than our own resources, which has been coined for millions of years of evolution.

Video Meditation

QIGONG - - is very interesting and informative website about Meditation!

Meditation - the most important method of this school Qigong. will be interesting to anyone interested in the topic, even if not engaged in Qigong, and any other system of self-development: Yoga, Zen, Buddhism, Taoism.


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